Never, Ever Trust the New York Times

Americans experienced a reinforcement of an old, yet important message last week: never, under any circumstances, trust the media. The lesson was compounded by several news items last week, covering a broad range of issues, from terrorism to congressional elections.

Perhaps the most important news item of the last week was a vindication of the counterterrorism efforts made since 9/11 by the National Security Agency. The NSA’s domestic surveillance of telecommunications of suspected terrorists has drawn heavy fire from windbags on the Left. Vermont Whiner Patrick Leahy accused the Bush administration of suspecting all U.S. citizens of terrorism. Carl Levin grilled former National Security Adviser and Gen. Michael Hayden for egregious abuses of power at his confirmation to head the CIA.

News out of Canada, however, embarrassed Leahy and Levin when it was revealed that extensive electronic surveillance by Canadian officials led to the arrest of a large terrorist cell and the aversion of their plot to kill innocent civilians. Even when armed with tons of fertilizer, we are not in any circumstances licensed to wiretap Abu. Perhaps when oily smoke is emanating from the Capitol rotunda, the Democratic National Committee will rethink its election strategy. The wiretapping executed by Canadian officials was expectedly downplayed by the liberal media.

U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq killed the most-wanted terrorist, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in a bombing campaign late last week. Al-Zarqawi was the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, and was wanted in connection with numerous terror acts in the country. His capture lead many pundits to say we had finally reached a turning point in Iraq, but the New York Times wanted no part of it. Tuesday’s headline pronounced with glee that al Qaeda had appointed a replacement for al-Zarqawi in Iraq. The Times took excruciating steps to portray al Qaeda as a legitimate, Westernized and democratic organization in reporting that al-Zarqawi’s replacement was "elected at a conference of al Qaeda leaders in Iraq."

However, the Times’ "not so fast, Bushie" headlines were short lived. The Times never for a moment lost focus on its most prized project: reporting the hell out of accusations that GI’s murdered, in cold blood, tens of Iraqi civilians in Haditha. Never mind that the insurgency often fights from within civilian homes; anything to stick it to Bush and the servicemen and women the Times loves to hate. After all, every American soldier, with the exception of John Kerry and Jack Murtha, has the skull of a Vietnamese or Iraqi baby mounted over their fireplace and barbarically proclaims: "I got this beauty in My Lai," when their grandchildren come to visit. The Times’ efforts to undermine every American war effort in history is not new. The Old Gray Lady thought Abraham Lincoln was insane for getting thousands of boys killed for something stupid like liberty and equality for a few slaves. Some things never change.

Despite the Times’ painful to watch efforts to topple an American president, a new Gallup poll released Monday gives Bush’s approval rating a boost. A majority (48%) now believe that the U.S. will win the war in Iraq, up from 39% in April. While Bush’s overall approval ratings rose to 38% in the recent poll, 51% still give Bush excellent marks in his handling of terrorism. So much for that outrage over wiretapping a few terrorist. If a majority approve of the way terrorism is being handled, the people giving Bush low overall approval ratings must be having Bloody Mary’s for breakfast, or the Times is asking some really stupid trick questions.

In addition to the polls that drastically contradict the media’s efforts to derail America’s image and credibility, voters in San Diego, an area most likely to send a Democrat to Congress, defied Howard Dean once again when 49% of the electorate elected Republican Brian Bilbray to fill the seat of Rep. Randy Cunningham, who resigned amidst bribery scandals. Unwilling to accept the fact that the Democrats couldn’t win an election if Ray Flynn drew them a map, the Times produced the following headline: "Republican fails to garner 50% of the vote; Signals trouble for GOP in November." While Bilbray only got 49% of the vote, he still beat his opponent by 4%, hardly a close election. But if you live in Manhattan…

Instead of trying to create a world of misery with smoke and mirrors, the New York Times should stop trying to defend terrorist rights, slander our military, leak government secrets which aid the enemy, and pretending that America is a liberal hippie at heart that just can’t seem to express itself properly. The U.S. House of Representatives should re-establish the House Un-American Activities Commission and call on Times’ reporters to defend themselves against charges of treason. It is time for a new McCarthyism.