Hill: I Blame N.Y.

Even though Hillary’s promise to create 200,000 new jobs for New Yorkers six years ago has fallen about 312,000 new jobs short, she now says much of it is the state’s fault.  
Hillary Watch has long noted that New York doesn’t have the best economic environment for businesses, so she’s right in that regard.  But as we’ve also long said, New York’s tendency to have the government interfere in business — bad as it is — doesn’t really differ much from the policies Hillary and her Democratic colleagues support.
She is right, though, in that it’s New Yorkers fault for electing politicians who believe more in the welfare state and government regulation than in the free market in the first place.  
After pinning the blame on the Empire State, Hillary congratulated herself for trying, saying that she’s “plugged along,” and claiming to be “very proud” about bringing home pork to help what limited economic development has occurred under her watch.