Hill on Zarkawi

Today Sen. Clinton issued a statement on the death of Abu Musab al Zarkawi. Here it is in its entirety:

"As a leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al Zarkawi was responsible for despicable attacks that claimed the lives of too many Iraqis and Americans. I saw firsthand the terrible consequences of Zarqawi’s terrorist network when Bill, Chelsea and I visited the hotel ballroom in Amman, Jordan last November where Zarqawi’s followers had detonated a bomb at a wedding, killing and wounding innocent people. We owe our thanks to our men and women in uniform and others in Iraq who have been fighting the Zarqawi and other insurgents and who are responsible for today’s success.

I hope that this will be a blow to the insurgency in Iraq and affords an opportunity for the new Iraqi government to build on this success and provide greater security and stability for the Iraqi people."

While it figures that Hillary would insert herself into this story, it is true that she and her family were there and seemed visibly moved. It was also a bit surprising that she didn’t react as many liberals have, which is by briefly saying Zarkawi’s death is a good thing and then quickly moving on to criticize the administration. Way to show some restraint, Hill.