Don't Watch It, Just Do It

On Wednesday Hillary participated in a roundtable forum along with Sen. Mary Landrieu and two FCC Commissioners, Michael Copps and Deborah Taylor Tate, to discuss how to protect children from sex and violence in the media. Naturally, Mother Clinton has some ideas: "The technology is outpacing our ability to respond," she lectured her audience. "We’ve got to look beyond the old ways of responding." This usually means more government intervention. According to one published report, Hillary said something along the lines that "the country was in the midst of a social experiment of TV as surrogate parent, so it better bone up on the repercussions of that electronic babysitter."
She also mentioned at the forum how she had drafted a parents’ media guide to help people raise their children, since Hillary does know best. It’s available on her website here. "Media is changing and expanding so quickly that it’s hard for parents to keep up," said Sen. Clinton. "This guide is designed to help parents make sure that when their children are on the Internet, playing video games, or watching TV, it’s safe and age-appropriate."
Hillary still doesn’t see any problem with her constant harping for more birth control and sex education for young people, and how this might make kids think sex on TV and in video games is perfectly normal.