Hawaii Governor Betrays People, Party

At the Republican Party Convention in Hawaii last week Gov. Linda Lingle said, "I will never put the party’s interests above the interests of the people of Hawai’i," according to the Honolulu Advertiser.

By supporting Sen. Daniel Akaka’s Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, she betrays the people (by refusing to ask their approval before spending millions of tax dollars to lobby Congress to sanction and help break up the state of Hawaii and segregate its people by race); and she betrays the Republican Party by trashing Abraham Lincoln’s two highest principles: "All men are created equal;" and "United we stand."

What I do not understand is why a governor, who raised her right hand and swore to represent and care about all the people of Hawaii, would want to break her state into pieces and give away some or all if its "public lands, reefs, territorial waters, natural resources, governmental power & authority and civil & criminal jurisdiction" to a new sovereign nation that governs "the Native Hawaiian people" separately? While still allowing Native Hawaiians to continue to share equally in what is left of the state of Hawaii?

What did the rest of us, including the large majority of us whose ancestors had nothing to do with the overthrow or annexation, do to deserve this demotion and disruption?