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Coulter Does NYT a Favor; Reviews Own Book

A roller-coaster ride through the Church of Liberalism
 Hot Air: Coulter Responds to Her Critics

  • New on Hillary Watch: Who’s Heartless?
  • Exclusive Interview With Ann Coulter
  • Review: Coulter Attacks the Cult of Liberalism
  • The long-anticipated book Godless: The Church of Liberalism was finally released this week. If the New York Times reviews it at all, they’ll only talk about the Ann Coulter action-figure doll, so I think I’ll write my own review.

    Godless begins with a murder at the Louvre and then takes readers on a roller-coaster ride through the Church of Liberalism in a desperate game of cat and mouse in which the hunter becomes the hunted — with a twist at the end you simply won’t believe! It’s a real page-turner — even the book-on-tape version and large-print edition! Who knew a book about politics could make such an ideal gift — especially with Father’s Day just two weeks away!

    The main problem with Godless is that I had to walk through the valley of darkness to find it. You will have to push past surly bookstore clerks, proceed past the weird people in the "self-help" section, and finally past the stacks and stacks of Hillary Clinton’s memoirs. If all else fails, ask for the "hate speech" section of your local bookstore. Ironically, if you find Godless without asking for assistance, it’s considered a minor miracle.

    This is not a book about liberals. I stress this in anticipation of Alan Colmes hectoring the author to name names. (For people who resented being asked to "name names" during the 1950s, these liberals sure aren’t shy about demanding that conservatives do the same today.)

    It is a book about liberalism, our official state religion. Liberalism is a doctrine with a specific set of tenets that can be discussed, just like other religions.

    The Christian religion, for example, frowns on lying and premarital sex. That is simply a fact about Christianity. This does not mean no Christian has ever lied or had premarital sex. Indeed, some Christians have committed murder, adultery, thievery, gluttony. That does not mean there’s no such thing as Christianity any more than a videotape of Rep. William Jefferson accepting cash bribes means there’s no such thing as congressional ethics rules.

    Similarly, the liberal religion supports abortion, but that doesn’t mean every single liberal has had an abortion. We can rejoice that liberals do not always practice their religion.

    Godless examines a set of beliefs known as "liberalism." It is the doctrine that prompts otherwise seemingly sane people to propose teaching children how to masturbate, allowing gays to marry, releasing murderers from prison, and teaching children that they share a common ancestor with the earthworm. (They haven’t yet found the common ancestor … but like O.J., the search continues.)

    The demand that their religion be discussed only with reference to specific individuals — who is godless? are you saying I’m godless? — is simply an attempt to prevent us from talking about their religion. This tactic didn’t work with Slander or Treason, and it’s not going to work now.

    It’s not just that liberals ban Reform rabbis from saying brief prayers at high school graduations and swoop down on courthouses and town squares across America to cart off Ten Commandments monuments. The liberal hostility to God-based religions has already been copiously documented by many others. Godless goes far beyond this well-established liberal hostility to real religions.

    The thesis of Godless is: Liberalism IS a religion. The liberal religion has its own cosmology, its own explanation for why we are here, its own gods, its own clergy. The basic tenet of liberalism is that nature is god and men are monkeys. (Except not as pure-hearted as actual monkeys, who don’t pollute, make nukes or believe in God.)

    Liberals deny, of course, that liberalism is a religion — otherwise, they’d lose their government funding. "Separation of church and state" means separation of YOUR church from the state, but total unity between their church and the state.

    Two months ago, the 9th Circuit held that a school can prohibit a student from exercising his First Amendment rights by wearing a T-shirt that said "Homosexuality Is Shameful."

    Even the left’s pretend-adoration of "free speech" (meaning: treason and pornography) must give way to speech that is contrary to the tenets of the church of liberalism on the sacred grounds of a government school.

    How might the ACLU respond if a school attempted to ban a T-shirt that said something like "Creationism Is Shameful"? We’d never hear the end of warnings about the coming theocracy.

    In fact, students are actually required to wear "Creationism Is Shameful" T-shirts in Dover, Pa., where — thanks to a lawsuit by the ACLU — the liberal clergy have declared Darwinism the only true church, immunized from argument. Ye shall put no other God before it. Not one.

    Liberals believe in Darwinism as a matter of faith, despite the fact that, at this point, the only thing that can be said for certain about Darwinism is that it would take less time for (1) a single-celled organism to evolve into a human being through mutation and natural selection than for (2) Darwinists to admit they have no proof of (1).

    If only Darwinism were true, someday we might evolve public schools with the ability to entertain opposable ideas about the creation of man.

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