Top 10 Liberal Commencement Speakers of 2006

Ranked by Young America’s Foundation.

10. Gen. Wesley Clark—Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Clark told students: "I’m trying to help Dems take back the House … We have a Congress now that’s not fulfilling its constitutional duties … asking the tough questions of the Executive Branch." The speech was a direct contradiction of comments he has made in years past, including his support of President Bush.

9. Gustavo Esteva—University of Vermont

Esteva, a self-described Marxist, told students that being "tolerant" after September 11 isn’t enough. Instead, Esteva said to embrace "those who are radically different." Esteva, however, did not distinguish between embracing those with differences and embracing the radical Muslims who murdered nearly 3,000 innocent Americans.

8. Former Los Angeles Times Editor John S. Carroll—Penn State University

Carroll spends his time writing books including House of War, which reads like a Noam Chomsky primer. Carroll outrageously writes, "America’s mid-twentieth century initiation into world power was as much in the state of mortal sin as its birth in slavery had been."

7.  Activist Marian Wright Edelman—Emory University

President and founder of the sanctimoniously named Children’s Defense Fund, Edelman believes terrorism and the lack of health care are first cousins, writing: "The inability to get health care because people lack insurance kills less traumatically and less visibly than terrorism, but the result is the same" and "[P]oor housing and poor education and low wages kill the spirit and the capacity and the quality of life that all of us deserve."

6.  Activist Harriet Mayor Fulbright—Stevens Institute of Technology

The wife of the late Sen. J. William Fulbright (D.-Ark.), Mrs. Fulbright shares her husband’s love for intrusive government. On her website, Fulbright writes that America needs "to wage war on starvation and discrimination," not mentioning the failure of Lyndon Johnson’s "war on poverty."   

5. New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman—Clark University

Krugman’s commencement impartation compared Nixon’s Watergate to President Bush’s NSA phone-tapping program. Krugman endorsed impeachment hearings for the President in 2007.

4. MSNBC Host Chris Matthews—Fordham University

Fordham’s idea of a respectable journalist is Chris Matthews. Recall that Matthews’ idea of respectable journalism was asking anti-American actress Jane Fonda how she stepped "out of being an American" to observe that "the ‘Vietnamese were objectively the good guys.’"

3. Illinois Sen. Barack Obama—Northwestern University

Obama is an up-and-coming Socialist in the left’s ranks who pushes the usual victim mentality argument and proposes large government solutions.   

2. Archbishop Desmond Tutu—The College of William and Mary

Tutu, an aging Socialist, informed students that Western nations are stingy with their wealth and aid to Africa. Tutu, who received his Nobel Peace Prize a decade before Yasser Arafat received his, said that he was critical of "governments that spend more money on war than on ending hunger."

1. Former President Bill Clinton—Princeton University

Clinton is a shoo-in to be the No. 1 liberal commencement speaker. His address will most likely be a slick way for the former President to entertain college-aged females.