Postcards From The Edge

In response to the Homeland Security Department’s decision to cut anti-terrorism funding from $207 million to $124 million to New York City, Hillary and Rep. Pete King started a satiric postcard protest to Secretary Michael Chertoff. The postcards are from famous New York landmarks, which is supposed to be funny since the agency apparently says that NYC doesn’t have any national monuments or icons at risk of terror attack. But to Hillary, the funding cuts aren’t all about fun and games, it’s another opportunity to blast the administration. She bellowed that "We’re going to have to go to the White House and just make it very clear: We don’t appreciate being used as a prop. We don’t appreciate people coming here and having conventions and doing photo ops and then sticking us where it hurts with a decision like this." Actually, that is fun and games for Hillary.

Chertoff subsequently sent a letter to Hillary and the rest of the New York Congressional delegation which argued that NYC has received far more money than any other city, and that actually the Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge are classified as types of infrastructure that give their grant application a higher score than if they had been classified as monuments.

So it looks like N.Y. politicians might be overreacting a bit, shockingly. But it’s one thing for Hillary to demagogue about this, quite another for Rep. King, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, to do so, when he should know better.