Just Depressing

This story has Hillary allegedly wowing an audience of 300 small business owners in upstate New York. They gave her a couple of standing ovations and apparently hung on to her every word. Why? According to the story the people who were worshipping Sen. Clinton were mostly Republicans and, again, small business owners. What has she done to help these businessmen and women in her first six years in office? Voted for tax cuts? No. Voted to reduce oppressive government regulations like OSHA? No. Voted for tort reform to reduce the legal costs that plague small businesses? No sir. Voted for bills that would reduce health care costs for employers and increase coverage of their employees, such as medical malpractice reform and association health plans? Nope. Don’t these men and women care that Hillary voted against virtually every program that helped turn the nation’s economy around over the last few years? Haven’t these small business lemmings, er, owners, heard about Hillary’s broken campaign promise to create 200,000 new jobs for New York, only to fall over 300,000 new jobs short? Apparently not.

Their reaction, if true, just goes to show how traditionally Republican groups are starting to accept the inevitable: that she will definitely continue being their U.S. Senator and, barring a miracle, she will be the Democratic presidential nominee and that she will have at least a 50-50 chance of winning the White House — so they’d better start kissing up to her now. No one wants to miff the future President of the United States, after all.

The story also had an amusing quote from someone at the event; amusing since it likely came from a Republican at the GOP-leaning event. "I am afraid of my own government on a whole set of levels," the constituent told Hillary, and he said he was "enormously upset" over "what he considers the government’s interference in matters related to sexual orientation, freedom of choice and surveillance of citizens’ phone calls." So let’s see: he’s pro-gay rights, pro-abortion rights and opposes the war on terror. If this is a typical New York Republican (and frankly it sounds like it is), then Hillary should win about 80% of the vote this November.