Exclusive: Chinese Communist CEO Gave Bill Clinton $200,000

The CEO of a Chinese company that paid former President Bill Clinton a $200,000 honorarium for a 30-minute speech in May 2002 has played a prominent role in the government of Communist China.

Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Senate financial disclosure forms state that her husband was paid the money by dnmStratagies on behalf of the JingJi Real Estate Development Group to give a speech on May 23, 2002, in Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China. DnmStrategies produces and manages all of BusinessWeek magazine’s events in Asia.

BusinessWeek spokeswoman Kimberley Quinn told Human Events that JingJi is a private real estate company in Shenzhen/Southern China and that a man named Chen Hua is its CEO.

The website of the Shenzhen Real Estate Association described Hua as a member of the Shenzhen Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, which is organized by the National People’s Congress. According to the State Department’s 2006 report on the People’s Republic of China, the National People’s Congress is “the primary organ” of the Chinese Communist Party. The site also said Hua was chairman of the Shenzhen JingJi Real Estate Development Company, which had “won all kinds of prizes awarded by the state ministry of construction.”

If Bill Clinton deposited the $200,000 he received from JingJi into one of the multi-million-dollar joint accounts he has with his wife, she would be able to legally spend at least half of that money on her own campaigns. (See story.) When I asked Sen. Clinton if she had decided to use her personal money in her upcoming election she said, “I have no idea.

Neither Sen. Clinton’s office nor former President Clinton’s office responded to inquiries about the ownership of the Chinese company that paid the former President $200,000.