KT Gets Support

With the New York GOP convention upon us, Kathleen "K.T" McFarland received a prominent party endorsement.  The Erie County Republican Committee, which is the largest party organization in upstate New York, gave K.T. its imprimatur just two days before the nominating convention. "The Republican Party offers voters a field of excellent candidates for…U.S. Senate," said Erie County Republican Committee Chairman James Domagalski.  "Ultimately we have decided to endorse…KT McFarland because [she] understand[s] upstate New York and possess[es] the ability to help solve the economic and fiscal problems that we face." He also singled out McFarland for her expertise in foreign affairs and defense policy, and noted that "She is also an experienced community activist who rejects the liberal agenda of Sen. Clinton." Well, except the parts of Hillary’s liberal agenda that have to do with abortion and homosexual rights.