Homeland Hillary

Last week Hillary hosted a daylong "security summit" for her fellow Senate Democrats in her capacity as Chairwoman of the party’s Steering and Outreach Committee. The point was to "continue honing their agenda and message on national security during an election year when they see a chance to put the GOP on the defensive about foreign policy," inasmuch as foreign policy means defending ourselves from terrorists and acts of God right here in the United States. She used the occasion to introduce legislation that proposes to create a "Homeland Security communications czar," as the New York Post calls it. This position would coordinate efforts by police and firefighters in the aftermath of another terrorist attack or massive natural disaster. She claimed that almost five years after 9/11, "our systems are not well connected." This is bad because "We owe it to our first responders who are serving on the front lines to make sure they have the resources and federal leadership needed to face these threats. That means securing our ports, railways, and mass transit; investing in first responders; preparing against possible pandemics; implementing the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and taking steps to secure our country in ways commensurate with the threat." Then she went out and voted against the new CIA pick, Michael Hayden, who will — in theory — do as much as anybody to help defend America from future terrorist attacks.