The Woman From Chappaqua

On Wednesday at the convention, Hillary will unveil a "sometimes emotional" 18-minute video called "Standing Up For New York" that effectively kicks off her re-election campaign.

According to the Associated Press, it begins with a clip from July 2000 showing then-presidential candidate George W. Bush bragging that "It’s going to be quite a moment when the sitting vice president performs his last official duty and that is to swear in the new United States senator from New York, Rick Lazio."

The video then cuts to Hillary laughing and Bill just smiling, saying that "The so-called experts counted her out a lot of times." That must be the first time that the Clintons have ever even implied that Bush is an expert on anything. Other video highlights include: New Yorkers who claim they opposed her six years ago but will vote for her in November, focus on Hillary’s work in the U.S. Senate, and a fellow feminist calling comparing Hillary to "as a lioness protecting children." Not unborn children, though. The feature did not mention anything about her eight years as First Lady, or utter the names of her potential GOP opponents, or say one word about running for president in 2008. It also did not include Hillary’s frivolous and broken campaign promise to create 200,000 new jobs for New York.