She Votes for Amnesty

Hillary voted for final passage of the Senate’s “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006.”  This bill is, in effect, a “massive amnesty” for the 12 million illegal immigrants here in the country.  Hillary had offered an amendment to the bill which would have established a grant program to have U.S. taxpayers pay the States and local governments for the costs of giving these illegals health care and education services, but fortunately it lost 43-52. 

Sen. Clinton says that “While the bill is not perfect, it begins to address the fundamental challenges that confront our current immigration system and implements much needed reforms that both respect our heritage as a nation of immigrants and honor our commitment to the rule of law.”  She also called on President Bush “to exercise his leadership in supporting comprehensive immigration reform.”

Her statement concluded with a call to arms against those Americans who believe that illegal immigrants break our laws and should be stopped and held accountable: “I cannot and will not support one-sided solutions that sound tough but neither deal with our porous borders nor treat with respect and dignity the millions of families who live and work in our country.”