Mean Girls

Hillary and Sen. Patty Murray (D.-Wash.) issued a statement yesterday accusing the Bush administration of politicizing the Food and Drug Administration for not giving away emergency contraceptives free to all Americans.  Well, not exactly.  They’re still miffed because the past two FDA commissioners have blocked nonprescription sales of Plan B.

“It is outrageous that under this Administration, an agency entrusted with making unbiased decisions based on science, has abused its authority and allowed ideology to govern its decision-making,” and the womyn.  “The FDA should not be playing politics with the health of American women.” 

Getting over-the-counter status for Plan B so that young girls can buy it whenever they want has been a pet project of Hillary and Patty for some time now.  For Hillary, it’s a win-win-win situation: She gets to nag and criticize the administration, she gets to beef up her pro-choice feminazi credentials, and she gets to help out one of her constituents.  The manufacturer of Plan B is Barr Laboratories of Pomona, N.Y., and they are the ones who petitioned the FDA to allow over-the-counter sales in the first place.  Evidently the pharmaceutical giant can sell more of this emergency abortifacient if it is placed in the grocery store aisle along with aspirin and cough syrup.  How heartwarming.