It's Not Stealing When It's Given Away

The American people are angry.

In fact, Americans are so angry that the demlibopeans — Democratic Liberal European Wannabe’s — in America see a ray of light from what only a short time ago was a very bleak future. There is now, through President Bush’s inadequate response to the American people’s desire to protect the nation’s sovereignty, a chance that the hapless Democrats can quickly paint over their socialist rhetoric to capture angry votes on Election Day to regain power. After all, Democrats are strategizing that American voters are a generally stupid, lazy and attention-deficient people who believe whatever they hear or read repeatedly in the media regardless of what they’ve previously heard or seen repeatedly.

To blame Mexico for the illegal immigration epidemic in America is absurd.

Yes, Mexico has encouraged its poor to leave Mexico to seek employment in the United States. It’s true that those people are being aided in the exploitation of the American welfare system by its government. But is the Mexican government’s mentality truly something America can blame Mexico or the Mexican people for?

Despite the ineptitude of Mexican leadership to foster true democratic and capitalistic reform and despite the corruption of the Mexican government, the act of telling its people to leave is actually one of concern. Mexico, knowing it will not change its ways, is showing concern for its people by telling them there are greener pastures to the North. Where, once the hard journey is completed, the fat and lazy gringos will give Mexicans jobs, healthcare, food stamps, education, and/or welfare.

What American wouldn’t move if their family was in desperate need and were told that all of their basic needs for living would be abundantly satisfied by simply moving to another place?

The lion’s share of responsibility for the illegal immigration problem rests with the U.S. government. Our government actively fights to secure the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan but leaves unguarded its own borders. The U.S. government, embroiled with the sovereignty and legitimacy of Iraq and Afghanistan’s governments, delegitimizes itself on the world stage and in the eyes of its people as it neglects the enforcement of its own rights of sovereignty.

Can the American people really place full blame on the Mexican government or the Mexicans illegally crossing into the country?

The Mexican poor cannot be blamed for wanting a better life. The eternally corrupt Mexican government can’t be blamed because the U.S. government allows them to push million of people across bleak desert to live off the U.S. economy. If the U.S. government knows of the problem and does nothing to stop the traffic of illegal aliens it is complicitous and even encouraging these types of activities.

The United States is the envy of the world for its compassion, its ingenuity, its economic creativity, and its sheer ability to provide an abundant quality of life. It’s only natural that such wealth and opportunity would tempt millions of people to cross arid deserts, paddle shark-infested waters, and risk their lives to come to America. The surprising aspect of the "shining city on a hill" isn’t that the people of the world desire to be here, it’s that America’s elected few treat her array of wealth so casually and her people’s will so flippantly that they willingly give away America’s wealth, society, and identity for some degree of national or international political gain.