French 'Beauty' at Taxpayer Cost

Ah, French women…known for smoking and drinking heavily, hairy legs, and according to the New York Times, “polished skin” Americans just can’t replicate.

How can slovenly American women get the beautiful skin of the French? Easy. Move to France and get the French government to foot the bill for your face. The NYT wrote:
“Even a French woman of modest means are much more likely than American women to get treatments in spas or clinics that scrub, polish, buff, massage and cream their skins….Any woman who can claim to have a medically diagnosed skin condition, from eczema to acne, can receive a regimented ‘thermal cure’ at spas in France once a year. The French taxpayer covers as much as 65 percent of the cost.”

While French are busy looking down their government-scrubbed noses at American women, I celebrate American “vulgaire.”

The French describe American women as “vulgaire” for their heavy makeup and cosmetic surgeries and will easily criticize the likes of a perennially tanned and extension-wearing Britney Spears. (However, Frenchettes shouldn’t think they are alone in having the laugh on her.)

Where else but America are women are able to enslave themselves to the scrutiny of Perez Hilton and earn  enough money hawking zit cream to buy herself a new pair of lips?

I certainly wouldn’t be able to have enough pocket change to get my Nuetrogena Age Shield SPF 45 sunblock if I had to pay for treatments like cold sore Katie’s Preventa. (I don’t even want to think about the bill for her psychological rehabilitation post-Cruise).

But, heck. Follow the French. Look French. Pay French, but don’t come bringing that kind of "health care" over here. You know Barbara Mikulski (who proposed using windfall gas profits to fund healthcare plans) would be first in line for some socialized beauty treatments, but I don’t think repealing all the tax cuts in the world could help her out.