Talking Baseball

Baseball has been a topic of conversation among the various New York Senate candidates of late, what the city’s two teams doing pretty well. GOP contender John Spencer told reporters recently that "My heart is with the Mets and whoever is playing the Red Sox … and, unlike Sen. Clinton, I don’t pick a team based upon political expediency," referring to when then-candidate Mrs. Clinton told New Yorkers that she’d always been a Yankees fan, even though she grew up in Chicago. 
It may be remembered that Hillary’s 2000 opponent, Rick Lazio, also proudly proclaimed himself to be a Mets fan. A lot of good that did him.
The other Republican pretender, Kathleen McFarland, says that "I swore an oath to Hank Aaron and the Milwaukee Braves at Milwaukee County Stadium when I was 5 years old, and I never renege on an oath. In general, though, I root for whichever team is trailing." Yeah, that will help her chances in New York.
For her part, Hillary is sticking to her Yankee guns, to the point where she is saying she doesn’t support New York’s other team, the Metropolitans. "I cannot let stand that I have ever, ever been a Mets fan," declared Sen. Clinton. "Let’s set the record straight.  The Cubs and the Yankees — those were my teams and remained my teams growing up and now in my mature years."


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