Run, Al, Run!

New York Magazine has a lengthy article on former Vice-President Al Gore, and talks about his potential prospect in 2008 against his old boss’s wife.

According to one party insider, many Dems are reluctantly resigned to another Clinton candidacy, for better but for mostly for worse: "Every conversation in Democratic politics right now has the same three sentences. One: ‘She is the presumptive front-runner.’ Two: ‘I don’t much like her, but I don’t want to cross her, for God’s sake!’ And three: ‘If she’s our nominee, we’re going to get killed.’ It’s like some Japanese epic film where everyone sees the disaster coming in the third reel but no one can figure out what to do about it."

But Gore Groupies see their man as being the antidote to Hillzilla. His former vice-presidential chief of staff optimistically claims that "If he runs, he’s certainly the front-runner or the co-front-runner with Mrs. Clinton…And, in the end, he would probably win the nomination."  
This blog has long contended that Gore would be Hillary’s strongest challenger, but he had better make up his mind quick because Mrs. Clinton continues to put more and more distance between herself and any and all challengers, real or imagined.