President George W. Fox Continues Western U.S. Tour Spouting White House Talking Points

The Washington Post today has a write-up on Mexico President Vicente Fox’s rolling tour of the Western United States. Fox has been doing the White House’s work of spreading its pro-amnesty pap — I mean, guest-worker genius — among American’s who are more directly effected by the illegal immigration that pours over our Southern border.

Let’s look at the Post report and find just a few of the White House talking points.

Illegal immigrants are a boon to the U.S. economy (by, of course, “doing the jobs Americans won’t do”):

Addressing the Utah legislature Wednesday in accented but clear English, Fox insisted that Mexican immigrants have been a boon to this country. "Mexico is proud, very proud, of its people here, whose working spirit and moral values contribute every day to the economy and society of this great nation," he said.

Big walls (without amnesty) send a bad signal:

And he spoke out repeatedly here against proposals to build fences along the border. The U.S. House has passed legislation calling for a 700-mile fence to cut the flow of immigrants, and the Senate last week voted to build a three-tiered fence stretching 370 miles.

"We don’t put up walls," Fox told a predominantly Latino crowd in Spanish at a lively rally Tuesday in a Salt Lake suburb. "That’s not the way you’re going to fix the problem. Walls that pretend to solve the problem only provoke distance between two peoples."

Enforcement-only (or even enforcement-first) policies cannot work:

Expanding on this theme, Fox told the legislature: "Enforcement-only measures will not solve the challenges posed by the migration phenomenon. . . . Among friends, neighbors and partners, bilateral dialogue and cooperation is key component."

Respect for dignity and humanity makes all efforts for amnesty — I mean, guest-worker — OK:

The president also offered thanks to the state of Utah. Despite the tough legislation passed last year, Utah permits the children of undocumented residents to take advantage of in-state tuition rates at state colleges, and provides emergency medical care to all who need it.

These policies, Fox said, make the state "a real example of what can be done with respect to dignity and humanity."

Who does Fox work for? He sure seems to have the White House talking points down pat. Maybe I’ve got it backwards — maybe Fox wrote the talking points for the White House.