Notable Quotes from Senate Opposition to Amnesty Bill

Republican senators opposed to the amnesty bill set to be voted on for final passage this afternoon held a press conference to blast the bill.

In attendance were Sen. Rick Santorum (Pa.), Sen. John Cornyn (Tex.), Sen. John Kyl (Ariz.), Sen. Jeff Sessions (Ala.), Sen. John Ensign (Nev.), Sen. David Vitter (La.) and Sen. George Allen (Va.).

Here’s a listing from the hardest hitting lines delivered from the senators:

Allen: "This [bill] is amnesty and the best source of it being so is Attorney General Ed Meese. At least they were honest about naming it 20 years ago."

DeMint: "The resentment and backlash [from this bill] will do more to damage our philosophy of welcoming immigratns than anything our government has ever done."

Ensign: "[The senate bill shows] we are not a country of laws. Maybe a very compassionate country, but not a country of laws….I’m hopeful the House will save us from this bill."


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