Mo on Al and Hill

Maureen Dowd’s most recent column notes that "Al Gore must want to punch Hillary Clinton right through the hole in the ozone layer" because of her energy speech that just so happened to be timed right when the former vice-president’s movie "An Inconvenient Truth" is hitting theaters. While Al wore earth tone suits back in the day, Hillary sported a "blinding yellow pantsuit" at the National Press Club "that looked as if it could provide solar power to all of Tennessee."
Dowd described Hillary’s wonkish speech as being incredibly Gore-like, with her droning on numbingly and incomprehensibly. But more presciently, Dowd calls the two "hall monitors" as the finger-in-the-wind politicians that they are: "They have shared the problem…when they seemed to wake up every morning trying to figure out who they should be, how they should appear or how they should position themselves. By fashioning their identities all the time, they condemned themselves to being seen merely as identity fashioners." Looks like they both learned well at the feet of the Master himself.