Drudge: New Video Exposes Behind-the-Scenes Story of Gore's Own Energy Use

This morning’s Drudge Report links to a video put out by the Competitive Enterprise Institute that exposes Al Gore’s energy consumption during his promotional tour for An Inconvenient Truth. During the movie, Gore asks, "Are you willing to change the way you live?"
Apparently, the operative word is YOU.  Myron Ebell of CEI says, "While the CEI video pokes fun at Mr. Gore’s profligate consumption of the world’s petroleum resources, we don’t begrudge his lifestyle that requires using as much energy as a small village in America or a medium-sized town in Africa. The mobility that jet fuel and gasoline provide is a good thing and the benefits of abundant energy should be available to all people, not just the elite. CEI calls on Mr. Gore to stop preaching against the petroleum products he uses so lavishly and instead join us in promoting access to energy."
I also can’t help but wonder how much energy will be wasted while showing An Inconvenient Truth in empty, air-conditioned theaters across the nation.