Backfired: Anti-DeLay Movie to Support DeLay in Court

Robert Greenwald might not be too happy where the most publicized showing of his pseudo-documentary “The Big Buy: How Tom Delay Stole Congress” might be headlining—in court as a part of the former House Majority Leader’s defense.

DeLay’s attorney Dick DeGuerin said, “We are going to use part of that film to prove (Earle) was lying to the public when he was telling the lawyers for Tom DeLay that Tom DeLay was not a target."

Greenwald, who has directed other attack movies in the mold of Michael Moore’s films, worked with Texas Travis County prosecutor Ronnie Earle who has been aggressively pursuing money laundering charges against DeLay to make the film.

DeLay’s aides claim the film demonstrates Earle was a politically motivated partisan who lied to DeLay’s lawyers by telling them repeatedly DeLay was not the subject of a criminal investigation.

Greenwald  told Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert, of the Colbert Report, he was motivated to make the movie because DeLay was a “crook” who should be imprisoned for using corporate money to gerrymander voting districts. Greenwald said DeLay “redrew the lines putting people in different districts to ensure that Republicans who could not be elected legitimately to get their illegitimately with corporate money.”