The Hilla-Pod

Al Gore already invented the Internet, so getting an iPod won’t exactly make Hillary the most tech-forward Democrat in 2008. The device, however, may let people relate to her as, you know, a regular person.

I’m intrigued though by her song selection. They didn’t really step in it by listing the Dixie Chicks, or K.D. Lang, or the Horst Wessel song. But if the point of the exercise was to come up with two or three plausible generation-appropriate mainstream tracks for simple pandering purposes, why drop "Take it to the Limit" by the Eagles?

Granted, the band hails from a voter-rich state and is named after a totally Red State-approved patriotic bird, but the song reminds everyone of Hillary’s "limit up" days during those wild months in 1979 when her cattle futures trading turned $1,000 into $100,000. Not every poor slob can "take it to the limit" in commodities markets like that, Hillary.