Details of Pence's Immigration Plan Revealed

Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Pence has released details of his immigration plan to Time magazine this morning to broker a deal between the pro-amnesty White House and House  conservatives who insist that  illegal immigrants return to their home countries before gaining temporary worker status.

Pence is suggesting that the temporary worker program be operated by a privately run database, that foreign workers may only be entered into by acquiring a visa issued outside of the United States.

Pence told Time, “That is a key point because it is the provision that will require the twelve million illegal aliens to leave. Now, some of you are thinking to yourselves that 12 million people aren’t going to pack up and leave just to get a visa to come back legally. But, I believe most will.”

The congressman will be giving a speech this afternoon at the Heritage Foundation  in which he will describe his plan in full. Human Events will post the full transcript of his remarks as soon as they are available.