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Harry Reid is out of touch with the American people


Making English Our National Language Is Not Racist

Harry Reid is out of touch with the American people

If by chance you were watching C-SPAN’s coverage of the United States Senate last Thursday afternoon, you heard something truly offensive.

I had just arrived in Miami for a speech to a group of industry and technology leaders when I heard that Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid had called a proposal to establish English as our national language "racist."

Stop and think about that for a moment, because chances are, when Senator Reid said that, he called you a racist.

Using the ‘R-Word’

Ninety percent of us believe that someone should be able to read and write English in order to be an American citizen. Seventy-eight percent of all immigrant families want their children to learn English. And with his statement on the floor of the United States Senate, Senator Reid called every one of us who think this way a racist.

It’s important to know that the measure the Senate was considering didn’t address what language we speak in our homes, in our businesses or in any aspect of our private lives. It simply and straightforwardly stated that the government "shall preserve and enhance the role of English as the national language."

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Mr. Gingrich is the former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and author of To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular-Socialist Machine, Real Change: From the World That Fails to the World That Works and Winning the Future (published by Regnery, a HUMAN EVENTS sister company).

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