Jefferson Takes Cue from McKinney

Democratic Congressmen William Jefferson, who was caught on tape by the FBI accepting a bribe of $100,000 seems to be taking talking points from his Democrat colleague Cynthia McKinney who was captured on video striking a Capitol Police officer.

In a press conference this afternoon Jefferson told reporters before a question and answer period “there are two sides to every story…I will not get into the facts and you should now that before you start.” When a reporter pressed him for details he refrained, “You’re asking me to get into the facts and I have told you I will not get into it. You ask me, I will simply decline to answer…Any fact that you can think of that is apparent to ask, I’ve simply told you I will not get involved with that because it is not a prudent thing to do based on advice counsel.”

McKinney has used a similar strategy and evaded questions that directly asked her if she has hit the officer. Instead, she offered the ordeal was only “much ado about a hairdo” spurred by racially biased attitudes.

Like McKinney, Jefferson seems to be escalating controversy. He said he will not step down, plans on voting tomorrow and is expecting to keep his seat. I wonder what Jefferson’s damage control team will come up with. “A diatribe about a bribe?” “The FBI lied to bribe?”

At this rate, Pelosi could be bald by November from tearing her hair out over trotting out the “culture of corruption” line over and over that seems to keep circling right back to her door.