Insensitive to Party

To the dismay of the DNC brain trust, the culture of corruption slogan doesn’t home on Republican DNA. In fact, their designer weapon has proven largely insensitive to party, making it of dubious value in the eyes of some. However, because the slogan yields 90 percent of its energy in the form of anti-incumbency vibes, having Nancy Pelosi utter it every thirty seconds should damage more Republicans than Democrats.

The slogan should also prove robust. In a simpler era, a freezer full of Benjamins would have been embarrassing to a national party (yes, I know, that was a long time ago), and even shamed them into, what the heck, perhaps giving it a rest. Today, however, about the only Sub-Zero incumbents need to worry about is a 2 percent approval rating with a 3-point margin of error.

So don’t expect the bust of one William J. Jefferson (D-La) to retire the culture of corruption slogan from the Democrats’ arsenal.  They may instead just wear it out.