Adopt Amadou Already

A recent story tells about young Amadou Ly, an illegal immigrant from Senegal whose mother left him in America to get an education. He did very well for himself in school, even becoming a member of the high school robotics team, but at last he was busted without the proper paperwork and he is in the middle of deportation proceedings. Hillary and other prominent politicians have rushed to the illegal’s rescue: "Amadou and his teammates have made New Yorkers proud, and bolstered the evidence that otherwise disadvantaged young people from poor communities can compete in an academic area so badly needed in our country, wrote Hillary (along with Rep. Charles Rangel) in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. "We appeal to you to give him a chance," she continued. "If he continues on his current path, our country will be the winner."

Amadou was surprised by Hillary’s help, saying that "I never thought people like a senator would talk about this case." In addition to Hillary’s intervention, Amadou has received offers to pay for his college tuition and legal expenses, and some people have even offered to adopt him if that would help him remain in the country. Hey — maybe Mrs. Clinton should adopt the young man. It may be remembered how First Lady Clinton once told Time Magazine that she and Bill were "hoping that we have another child," most likely through adoption. Mommy Clinton then told about how she was especially concerned about promoting adoptions for older minority children. Of course, nearly everyone saw through this obvious election-year ploy for family-value voters, and sure enough soon after the 1996 election the idea of the Clintons adopting faded quickly away. However, in December 1996 White House spokesman Barry Toiv said that the Clintons still "don’t rule out adopting later in life."

Well here it is, almost exactly a decade after Mrs. Clinton first told America she wanted to adopt, and now she has the perfect chance to make good on her braggadocio. By adopting young illegal Amadou, Sen. Clinton could wrap up the black, illegal immigrant and robotic nerd votes in one fell swoop.