What National Language?

Be afraid folks. Be very afraid.

Thursday’s travesty on the Senate floor is just one more example of Democrats kowtowing to special interest groups, in yesterday’s case, illegal immigrants. Senator Jame Inhofe (R-OK) proposed an amendment to the overhaul of a new immigration bill that would declare English as our national language.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid declared that Inhofe’s proposed amendment “…is directed at people who speak Spanish," an interesting charge in light of the fact that Inhofe himself is fluent in Spanish. Reid’s statement, however, totally ignores the thousands of Chinese sneaking into the West Coast or the tens of thousands of Eastern Europeans who operate in the underground economy of illegal workers from New York to Chicago. When in doubt, Harry, play the race card.

Moments later, Reid’s political wingman, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) challenged Inhofe, asking repeatedly whether or not his proposal would infringe on the rights of Americans. Maybe I’m wrong here, but don’t Americans speak English? Aren’t they supposed to? What adds to the unbelievable stance of Senate Democrats is Senator Inhofe’s statement that a recent poll of Americans shows that 84 percent of Americans support making English the national language!

Inhofe’s amendment did pass with a vote of 63-34, but was followed with a watered down version brought to the floor by Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO) that called English a “unifying language,” and suggested that the states could decide the issue of making English an “official” language. This amendment also passed with a vote of 58-39. It remains to be seen how the House of Representatives handles both amendments when the proposed immigration bill comes to them.

Want to see how well bilingualism “works?” Just go to Canada.

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