A Bumper Sticker for the Pro-Amnesty Unions

You’re a union boss, just protecting the little guy. You deliver screed after screed decrying outsourcing and the loss of American jobs to overseas competition. But when your masters in the Democrat Party tell you to roll over and play dead, you can’t support amnesty for illegal alien workers fast enough. Hey, who needs outsourcing when you can just resort to “insourcing” those same jobs to underpaid foreigners right here at home?

Feeling conflicted? Well, relax! Finally, there’s a bumper sticker for you, John Sweeney! Tell the world who you really represent with this fabulous custom bumper sticker: “BUY AMERICAN!”


Put it on your limo with pride! Heck, put it on a Kennedy’s car so it can be the last thing some pedestrian sees! Celebrate a new populism for our new population!

And in the finest tradition of union organizing, I pledge that all profits from the sale of this lovely bumper sticker will go directly into my pocket. Union, Yes? Union, Si!


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