Young Americans for Freedom Is Reborn

Members of Young Americans for Freedom came from as far away as Michigan to support a start-up chapter of YAF at Liberty University last weekend. The YAF-ers came to oppose Sen. John McCain’s immigration policies and rallied along the side of the road. After getting lots of enthusiastic responses from passing cars, they marched to the entrance of the school and demonstrated there, leaving only after the police threatened them with arrest.

This action is part of a general effort to revitalize Young Americans for Freedom and create a real right-wing youth movement to mobilize against the Republican leadership for secure borders and national sovereignty.

During the protest several people stopped to talk with the YAF protesters. All were in support of the YAF position against McCain and illegal immigration. One construction worker walked from a nearby construction site to voice his support saying that most of his co-workers on the site could not even speak English. A Liberty University parent also stopped and said he could not believe that someone like McCain was actually being invited to speak at Liberty. He asked about YAF and said he was glad to see that someone was openly voicing what most people were thinking. Reporters also stopped by with questions about the rally and YAF.

The day before members of YAF had attended a Minutemen rally in Washington, D.C., and were confronted with a gaggle of left-wing militants and Reconquistadors who attempted to disrupt the rally. They shouted obscenities and slogans in Spanish. YAF-ers carried Don’t Tread on Me Flags and megaphones and chanted “Smash Left-Wing Scum” at protesters, which caused some of them to attempt to turn violent. Police were forced to intervene when leftists attempt to surge at the pro-Minutemen line. The protesters seemed surprised to encounter right-wing activists who were not afraid to engage them.

These activities highlight efforts by Young Americans for Freedom across the country to re-energize the right across America.