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Is Leslie Cauley the New Mary Mapes?

Rich Noyes at Newsbusters has an outstanding report on USA Today reporter Leslie Cauley, author of the much-hyped story about phone companies’ alleged work in conjunction with the National Security Agency.

Not only is Cauley’s story falling apart—BellSouth is demanding a retraction and Verizon has also challenged the story—but now Cauley’s left-leaning political activism has been exposed.

Noyes reports that Cauley gave $2,000 in 2003 to then-Democratic presidential candidate Dick Gephardt, a favorite of the union-loving left. Noyes found the information from a simple search of

At the conclusion of his report, Noyes asks the question that critics of the liberal press have on their mind today:

With the phone companies demanding a retraction and her own Democratic connections now revealed, the “value” of her unnamed sources seems increasingly dubious. Could Leslie Cauley may be on her way to becoming a print version of CBS’s disgraced Mary Mapes?

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