Senate Rewards Illegal Workers with Social Security Benefits

Illegal aliens who become official citizens of the U.S.A. (something that would happen next week if the president and most of the Senate could have it their way), will be rewarded for their longevity as criminals in the workplace.

The Senate shot down an amendment (S. 3985) offered by Sen. John Ensign (R.-Nev.) today that would have made it illegal for immigrants to count their years as illegal workers toward the 10-year U.S. work requirement necessary to receive Social Security benefits.

So much for justice — the bill was defeated 50-49 (Jay Rockefeller (D.-W.V) didn’t vote) which means that illegals will be rewarded for their misconduct and placed ahead of those trying to enter and work in America legally.

The GOP traitors are: Sens. Brownback, Chafee, Dewine, Lugar, McCain, Specter, Stevens, Voinovich.

But, as Mary Katherine Ham points out, there won’t be any Social Security left for most of them anyway.