Welcoming Our New Contributors

I want to take a brief moment to make a housekeeping note. Today I’m happy to welcome to the HUMAN EVENTS team John Hawkins, creator of, a blog I’ve praised in this space.

John will write a weekly column that will appear on our website each Wednesday. Today he’s crafted an excellent piece about the immigration debate. Make sure you read “Tackling a Handful of Immigration Myths, Misnomers and Red Herrings.”

I never got around to noting another regular contributor who joined us last month. Jay Homnick, a long-time columnist at the American Spectator, now writes a weekly column for us as well.

Today you can read his take on immigration: “Winning the Border Skirmish.” Last week he put together an excellent spoof about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s letter to President Bush—and I’m proud to say he beat the Weekly Standard to the punch (registration required).

Finally, I’d be remiss not to mention Mac Johnson, a staple at HUMAN EVENTS, who deserves much credit for making our website a destination for conservatives. Each Monday, Mac brings you thought-provoking commentary on a variety of topics. Lately he’s been pounding away on immigration, but he might be best remembered for taking on Bill O’Reilly—and winning—on what’s to blame for the price of gas.

As our blogger Todd Manzi once famously said, “The thing I like most about Mondays is reading Mac Johnson’s columns. He always does a great job and I eagerly look forward to starting my week with his insights.”