Tomorrow's Politics

The Washington Post ran a front-page story last week headlined, "Of U.S. Children Under 5, Nearly Half Are Minorities—Hispanic Growth Fuels Rise, Census Says." Overall, the Hispanic population in the U.S. grew by 1.3 million between July 2004 and July 2005, accounting for 49% of U.S. population growth in that period.

On Page 3 of the same edition, the Post reported that some organizers of the recent demonstrations in favor of an illegal alien amnesty have started a group called the "We Are America Alliance." Its goal is to register one million new voters for the November elections. "About 60% of all Latinos in the United States are ineligible to vote because they are not citizens or because they are too young," the Post reported. A favorite chant of the demonstrators at the illegal alien rallies was, "Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote."