Sessions Takes Border Fence to Senate Floor

Sen. Jeff Sessions has offered an amendment to the Senate’s immigration reform bill (S. 2611) currently being debated on the Senate floor that would direct Homeland Security to construct a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The fence would have three layers and cover at least 370 miles. He is also requesting that a vehicle barrier stretching 500 miles be placed along strategic locations along the southwest border.

UPDATE — 3:07 p.m.: The Senate has voted 83-16 to build Session’s fence along the full 370 miles, according to the AP. The vehicle barrier will also be enforced.

Sen. Jeff Sessions’s hails the passage of his amendment:

"By passing my amendment, we are sending a signal that we are serious about stopping the flow of illegal immigrants over the border. The construction of more fencing and vehicle barriers will greatly enhance border enforcement and it will pay for itself many, many times over. A border fence, combined with National Guard forces, increased border patrol agents and more bed space for arrested illegal aliens, will help us reach a tipping point where the scales tip from illegality to legality. If we continue to send signals like this, that the open border days are over, people will know that it makes more sense to apply and come into our country legally, according to our laws, rather than trying to come in illegally.

"Good fences make good neighbors. Just go to the San Diego border and talk to the people there. There was lawlessness, drug dealing, gangs and economic depression on both sides of the border. But when they built a fence and brought that section of the border under control, the economy on both sides of the fence blossomed, and crime fell. The fence improved San Diego and it will improve other parts of the border. I am glad my colleagues agreed with my position that more fencing is needed."