Jim DeMint at the Top of My List

Today the Washington Post reprinted a partial listing of congressional “power rankings” compiled by a company called Knowlegis that serves lobbyists.

Number #99 on the senator’s list was Sen. Jim DeMint (R.-S.C.).

When I read it I thought, “Jim DeMint? Number 99? No way.” After all, this is the man who I see everyday in my living room. Hung just above the futon couch in my apartment is a nearly life-sized poster of the senator from his campaign. My roommate was so impressed him, she convinced me to help her drag the sign home.

Why? Because he’s one of the only senators who has consistently pushed for social security reform. My roommate is 22, I’m 23. We do not want to pay into a system that we won’t benefit from and Jim DeMint is one of the people asserting leadership to help our cause.

But when I read further down and saw what the “power rankings” were based on: tenure, committee positions, party membership, money contributed to a congressional PAC and how much politician shapes legislation through amendments.

So, there you have it. A company created to serve lobbyists ranking members on money, amendments and how many years a member has been around.

It appears DeMint has taken the ranking in stride. He told the Post, “Thank goodness I’m from South Carolina, where if I’m lucky, I’ll have another 50 years or so to prove ‘em wrong” as a nod to Sen. Strom Thurmond who served 47 years before passing away in 2003.

Indeed. In 50 years, I should be planning my retirement and if DeMint stays around until then, I’ll have a better shot at funding it.