12 Steps to Effective Immigration Control

“Just what is it that America stands for? If she stands for one thing more than another it is for the sovereignty of self-governing people.”
— Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of United States

Unlike other issues that divide this nation the issue of illegal immigration has splintered the majority (pro-reform) from the minority (anti-reform). Unfortunately for the American people, illegal immigration has highlighted the “disconnect” between the American government and it citizens.The issue of illegal immigration is less about charity or human kindness and more about national sovereignty, borders and a nation’s purpose for existing.

The victims of illegal immigration are the American people. The influx of Mexicans across the southern border has increased as the legislature ponders and proposes bills which will in effect offer amnesty to some of the 12 million who have sneaked into the United States. Social programs designed to be a temporary safety net for American citizens are being exploited by illegals aliens. These social services and some social courtesies (medical) are being exploited to the extent that they are raising costs for working Americans and even shutting down services for those Americans they were created to assist.

Why are Congress, the Senate and the President considering the welfare of Mexican citizens before they listen to the will of the American people? Isn’t the welfare of the Mexican people the primary concern of the Mexican government? What responsibility is it of the American government to clothe, feed, educate, and care for an American let alone those who are in America illegally? When will the government recall its role in America and abide by the will of those who empower it and are supposed to provide its direction?

To fix illegal immigration permanently America needs to take and implement a compassionate and truly American approach.

  1. Catch illegals in the United States by monitoring the services they are exploiting
  2. Tally up the cost related to what the illegals have been stealing from American citizens and for how long (education, welfare, medical care, wages)
  3. Deport the illegal aliens caught and deduct the cost of his/her/their existence in the United States from Mexico’s estimated $30 million dollar foreign aid allotment
  4. Mandate that the government agency that apprehends and deports the illegal aliens(s) receives 50% of the costs that will be reduced from the U.S. foreign Aid to Mexico
  5. Build a border wall and man its length and its entry points with Air and National Guard units
  6. Create a guest-worker program
  7. All federal, state, and local government MUST check for citizenship before providing ANY social service and detain and report those who are in the country illegally
  8. Create a smart green card/workers permit as a single form of identification for aliens (not a national ID for Americans)
  9. Set reasonable immigration quotas for neighboring nations
  10. Those caught in the U.S. and deported as felons are never permitted to return
  11. Repeal the 14th Amendment
  12. Place economic sanctions on Mexico (entirely closing the border to trade or migration by force if necessary) when their foreign aid runs out and if they refuse to pay the bill for those we are continuing to catch and deport

America has the upper hand in the immigration issue. America has the money, the jobs, and the military power to enforce her laws and protect her people’s sovereignty. The American government either lacks the will to deter illegal immigration or has an anti-American global agenda it’s trying to impose on its people. America’s government should worry less about what the EU, the UN, or her neighbors think about tougher immigration policies and worry more about how much longer the American people will tolerate such a blatant disregard to its government’s purpose for existence.