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Iraqi Newspapers Reject “Anti-Occupation Ad” from US Feminists

Two major Iraqi newspapers refused to publish an advertisement from the feminist anti-war group called CODEPINK that called for the end of American “occupation” in Iraq.

The ad, printed in Arabic, said “We have seen poll after poll that the majority of Americans and Iraqis want US troops to return home. Even the majority of US troops (72%) think they should return by the end of the year. It is time for the politicians to listen to us, the people.”

Eight Iraqi newspapers agreed to run the ad. They are: are As-sabah Al-Jadid, At-Taakhi, Al-Manar, Al-Haqaeq, Al-Iraq Al-Yaom, As-Syadah, Al-Adalah and Ash-Shahed.  

The advertisements were paid for by members of CODEPINK. Country singer Willie Nelson also helped buy the advertisements.

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Miss Carpenter was formerly a congressional correspondent & assistant editor for HUMAN EVENTS. She is the author of "The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Rodham Clinton," published by Regnery (a HUMAN EVENTS sister company).

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