Dr. Frist Needs to Surgically Detach His Lips from President's Amnesty

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R.-Tenn.) comments on yesterday’s Presidential address began with the words,

"Tonight, President Bush has once again demonstrated his commitment to securing our borders."

I’m sure there were some words after that too, but I couldn’t make it past the opening line to read them.

"Once again"? Did Bush demonstrate some commitment in his speech yesterday? He’s been President for five years and the border is far worse today than when he took office.

The urge to make collegial statements like this are why Senators make bad Presidential candidates. Sometimes getting along politely shows only a lack of character.

What does Frist hope to gain from such an absurd statement?  Karl Rove? The presidential primary is still over a year off and when I read stuff like this from Presidential hopeful Frist, all I can say is "Next!"