Spencer Gets a Rainmaker

With Hillary having around $20 million on hand for her re-election campaign and experts predicting her to raise at least $10 million more by this fall, it’s about time for her potential opponents to get serious about fundraising if they don’t want to lose by more than 40 points.
As of last count, Kathleen McFarland had about $430,000 on hand, while John Spencer has even less, around $340,000. But now at least Spencer has a sugar daddy, as two-time presidential candidate and publisher Steve Forbes will be heading a national fundraising campaign for him. Malcolm Jr. will be doing his first fundraiser for Spencer on May 22 at the Women’s National Republican Club in Manhattan, and the Spencer campaign is hoping this will be the first step in taking things to the next level. “There are donors across the nation, and especially in New York, wanting to defeat Hillary, but they’ve been waiting for the right candidate and the right messenger,” said Spencer campaign manager Kevin Collins. “That’s part of the reason we were able to sign on Steve.”

Of course, it would have been nice if Spencer had been able to get serious about fundraising around six months ago.  Now it will just be a case of too little, too late.