Will New Yorkers Flip for Flip?

Fellow blogger Philip “Flip” Pidot of this week announced his candidacy for the New York State Senate seat from the 26th District, which is on the east side of Manhattan. Running against any incumbent Democrat in New York is tough, but Flip will face the Senate Democrats’ fundraiser-in-chief.

His opponent is Liz Krueger, a liberal Democrat whose wealthy father (Harvey Krueger is vice chairman of Lehman Brothers) will have plenty of cash to burn. I did some checking into daughter Liz’s record, and even by New York standards she’s to the far left of her party.

Krueger loves her expensive social welfare programs and appears soft on crime and security issues (but neither should come as a surprise for any good New York Democrat). In fairness to Krueger, I didn’t provide her an opportunity to respond, but I’m happy to hear her rebuttal.

Pidot, who came up the cleverest name for his website —, is staying focused on the issues he thinks will expose Krueger’s weaknesses: security, energy, the economy, education and health care.

I first met Flip during the GOP’s Blog Row at the Alito hearings, and I’ve stayed in touch with him since. Now that the campaign is under way, he’s also started blogging on his campaign website. Yesterday, for instance, he shined the spotlight on Krueger over a proposal to raise the gas tax.

Keep up the good work, Flip.