MSM Double Standards Continue

Is it me or are media bias and hypocrisy becoming so blatant as to be far beyond a mere mistake here, an error there? In the last few years, the amount of “misstatements,” innuendoes, hypocrisy, and unvarnished propaganda from the mainstream media has been appalling. To chronicle all of them would require additional server space, but here’s one of the latest examples.
The most recent MSM hypocrisy is the softball reporting of Senator Patrick “Patches” Kennedy (D.-R.I.) and his ever-evolving recollection of his 2:45 A.M. “I’ve got to vote” excuse after plowing into a barrier at Capital Hill. The continuing drive-by media spin on yet another impaired Kennedy is ridiculous. The Boston Herald (grab a hanky) reports that Kennedy is going through a hard time because of a broken heart, as though he’s some poor high school student who wasn’t asked to the prom. The AP did their own puff piece on Kennedy that described the sensitivity of the “man behind the name,” almost promoting him as a candidate for sainthood.
These are the same outlets that attacked Rush Limbaugh for charges that he had been doctor-shopping for prescription pain pills, later rushing to print the hyped story that the radio talk show host had been arrested. Mark Levin, via Michelle Malkin’s site, points out the double standards of some big media outlets in the Kennedy vs. Limbaugh coverage.