First Bubba

As the presidential election approaches (only 30 months away!) and the possibility increases that Hillary will run, the possibility also increases that her husband will become the First Spouse.

Andrew Sullivan commented on this unsavory scenario the other day, as did New York Post columnist John Podhoretz, although not favorably. Obviously, a male first spouse would be a historic first — Bill would be a trailblazer. Hopefully he had watched ABC’s "Commander in Chief" during its extremely short run and picked up some lessons on how a First Gentleman should behave. If not, he could ask guys whose wives are governors, such as the hubbies of Michigan’s Jennifer Granholm or Louisiana’s Kathleen Blanco, or he could read a biography on that other manly first spouse, Eleanor Roosevelt. If he were to become First Gentleman, Mr. Clinton would have to have a signature cause, because in recent years every First Lady had a pet project, whether it was Lady Bird Johnson with highway beautification, Nancy Reagan’s "Just Say No" campaign, or Barbara Bush’s promoting literacy.  

What would be Bill’s cause?

Probably obesity, especially as he has lost a significant amount of weight and his foundation recently got all public schools to stop selling soda to children. But if he is looking for other feel-good issues to take up, maybe he could fight against sexual harassment in the workplace or teach young people to always be honest ("Youth for Truth" could be his slogan).