Who Is Your Favorite Conservative Columnist?

Since when did Mark Steyn become more popular than Ann Coulter? I’ll admit that I was ignorant and hadn’t even heard of the chap before he spoke at last year’s Hillsdale College Churchill Dinner in Washington. Since then, it seems I hear about him every day.

Still, it was a bit surprising to see that for the third time in four years Steyn topped the list as the favorite columnist of right-of-center bloggers. John Hawkins, who has a knack for drawing attention to his blog, started the survey in 2003. In Steyn’s defense, there was no survey in 2004, meaning he’s topped all three.

Steyn obviously performed well with the 44 bloggers who responded to Hawkins’ survey. But what surprises me is that two regulars at HUMAN EVENTS — Coulter and Robert Novak — did so poorly despite their high name recognition.

Coulter managed only an eighth-place finish this year, which is exactly where she ranked last year and two spots up from 2003. Novak, meanwhile, didn’t even make the list this year. Despite being one of Washington’s most venerable conservative reporters, Novak got stuck on the honorable mention list.

Performing slightly better than Coulter was our friend Michelle Malkin, who placed sixth on this year’s list, which is where she was last year as well.

It’s an interesting survey, and one that would have been so much better had the 225 center-right bloggers Hawkins’ e-mailed actually responded. Good work, John. I might not agree with the results, but it’s nice to get a sample of how people feel.