Sen. Coburn: America's Future in Hands of Public, Not Congress

Sen. Tom Coburn (R.-Okla.) just spoke at the Heritage Foundation. Here’s a rundown on the highlights:

First, the senator threw out some questions we should all be asking ourselves:

"What do we want America to look like in 30 years? And what are we doing now that hinders that vision? And what are we doing to promote that vision?"

He observed that changes need to be made to preserve the heritage we all claim to hold so dear. And in reality, it’s the everyday Americans that can makes these changes occur:

"The great thing about our country is that the American public can still change it. The question is will they put people here to change it. They get it. Washington doesn’t."

He said people can help by:

  • Holding senators, congressmen accountable
  • Participating in town hall meetings and create discussion
  • Voting for leaders who care more about their country than they do about themselves, people that aren’t afraid of losing

Again, Coburn drove home the point that America needs to let Congress know that they’ll be called home if they don’t represent their constituents well.

"It’s not what’s happening in Washington that’s going to make the difference," he said.

On Senate plans to slash the defense budget by 15% to comply with President Bush’s demands instead of cutting out additional items that have nothing to do with defense or hurricane relief, the senator said:

"If it does pass, shame on us. Shame on us…that is a coward’s way of solving this problem."