Pelosi as Madam Speaker?

With midterm elections coming up in November, the Democrats are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of taking over the House of Representatives. Ex-Clinton flunky and ABC commentator George Stephanopolous is already addressing Nancy Pelosi as "Madam Speaker."
In the meantime, conservatives are threatening to boycott the election, and at times, it’s easy to understand why. This administration’s movement (or lack off) on immigration is the single issue that will keep the Republican base snoozing on the couch or into the voting booth. The President’s continuing drone of amnesty for illegals, however, could tip the balance of power in the House towards the Democrats. Pelosi’s ready, including her announced plans to hold hearings on the Iraqi war. But what’s most troubling is her failure to rule out impeachment proceedings if she becomes speaker. If you don’t know whether or not you’re going to sit out the next election, watching NBC’s  Tim Russert interviewing Pelosi last Sunday could be the cold water that will wake you up.

The Dem plan is simple. Take control and then begin an endless series of investigations and hearings of Republicans. As for her insistence that impeachment is not on the agenda, watch how fast Pelosi’s stance changes if she becomes Speaker of the House.