Don't Let Christie Whitman Destroy the GOP

Former New Jersey governor Christie Whitman wants to destroy the Republican Party. You think I’m exaggerating? Think again.

The liberal media’s favorite Republican is up to her old tricks. Whitman, writing on her new “blog” at, says little of substance, but implies a great deal. Frustrated by the lack of progress on immigration reform and the budget, she wants everyone to kiss and make up.

But what Whitman really wants is for conservatives to stop putting up a fight for the bedrock principles voters sent them to Washington to uphold—an enforcement-first immigration bill and a budget bill that doesn’t bust the budget. Whitman’s complaints about a lack of compromise suggest that she’d rather have Republicans cave in than put up a fight. Given her own record, that’s not very surprising.

Here’s a synopsis of what Whitman had to say in one particularly pathetic paragraph:

In the last few weeks we have seen the preeminent policy issues of the day remain unresolved – and not even properly debated – because partisanship takes precedence over responsible policy making. Opposing parties are not speaking to each other, and even the moderate and conservative wings of the Republican Party remained locked in ideological disagreement. In short, there is no real dialogue occurring.  There is no doubt that some people are working diligently to find compromises in both of these situations, but unfortunately, other forces have prevailed – forces that do not necessarily put our nation’s best interest first.

Unfortunately for her readers, Whitman fails to identify these “other forces.” She also makes no mention of what she seems as a good solution on either immigration or the budget stalemate.

Perhaps that’s the problem, though. Whitman has no principles. She’d rather stick her finger in the air and see how the wind is blowing that day. And when the wind isn’t blowing, she’s ready to sell out to Democrats.

Christie Whitman is no Republican role model. Her ideas would spell doom for the GOP, and if you want proof, just look at how demoralized Republicans are today.

The Associated Press, writing about Whitman’s new website, quotes conservative PR strategist Greg Mueller on the GOP’s troubles:

”They are not fulfilling the conservative mainstream agenda they promised,” said Mueller, based in Alexandria, Va. ”The party has moved to the center left on spending, immigration and big government, the reasons for our low level of support.”

Mueller has it right. Whitman has it wrong. Conservatives can only hope President Bush is tuning in to the right message and tuning out the wrong one.